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Understanding the Link: Can Kernicterus Cause Cerebral Palsy?  Our Portland Birth Injury Lawyer Explains

Can kernicterus cause cerebral palsy is a question that only a parent who has a child diagnosed with both questions will ask and find this article.  This is because both of these conditions are somewhat rare, but when they happen there could be devastating results.  This is because there are many different types of birth injuries and unfortunately many are interrelated.  This means that some different types of birth injuries can cause other types of birth injuries.  This is a common causal relationship which our Portland birth injury lawyer knows means that victims and their families could be seriously impacted.

To answer the question can kernicterus cause cerebral palsy, the answer is yes.  These two conditions can be causal meaning that kernicterus could cause cerebral palsy.  Our Portland birth injury lawyer knows that this is a devastating outcome because damage from kernicterus can usually be avoided with the proper care and treatment of a healthcare provider in Oregon.  It is important for victims and their families to know what these two conditions are to they can adequately protect their rights to compensation under the law.

What is Kernicterus?

Kernicterus is a condition which is caused by an excessive bilirubin buildup.  This is a substance in the body which is broken down by the liver.  It is normal to have bilirubin and for it to be removed through the liver.  But when the bilirubin is not broken down, it can result in yellowing of the skin or eyes.  This condition is known as jaundice.

Sometimes a newborn’s organs are a little slow to start working by themselves after birth.  After all, a mother’s liver does the filtering while the baby is still attached by the placenta.  Thus, after birth the baby’s organ are now shocked that they most completely function by themselves.  This can make it difficult.  Unfortunately, this can lead to some complications.  A normal complication after birth is jaundice.  

By itself, jaundice in a baby is not a serious concern.  In fact, many babies do suffer a form of jaundice and it is not uncommon for a baby to have jaundice for several hours or even a day or two after birth while the baby’s organs are starting to function.

But when that jaundice does not go away quickly, it can result in serious personal injuries to a baby.  It is that continued jaundice which means that a baby’s liver is not functioning fast enough or properly.  The prolonged jaundice can actually lead to an excessive buildup of that bilirubin which can become caustic and poisonous in the body.  That is what causes kernicterus which can cause damage to a baby’s rapidly developing brain.  

This kernicterus is a buildup of bilirubin which causes serious damage.  Victims may suffer greatly from this if it is not reversed.  Fortunately, the jaundice and kernicterus is very easy to see because the baby will have a yellowing of the skin and eyes.  Thus, a healthcare provider should be able to recognize and treat it immediately before there is any damage.  But that is not always the case and our Portland birth injury lawyer knows that it can result in cerebral palsy or other serious birth injuries.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a defined by the CDC as a disorder or group of disorders which affect a person’s ability to move due to damage to the brain (cerebral) which causes weakness (palsy).  There are many different types of cerebral palsy but four overall classes known as spastic CP, athetoid or dyskinetic CP, ataxic CP, and mixed CP.  Victims who have cerebral palsy may suffer from serious disability which is life changing and altering.  Victims may also have catastrophic injuries which require 24/7 nursing care.

The extent and severity of the CP is based on the extent of the damage to the brain.  Most instances of CP are caused by hypoxic conditions in the brain such as a decrease in oxygen flow.  This decrease results in a deficiency.  The deficiency is what causes serious damage to the brain.  The two areas of the brain which are most commonly injured are the cerebellum and basil ganglia.  When these two sections of the brain are injured, it can result in serious or catastrophic personal injury such as cerebral palsy.

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