Oregon Attorney Sues Bend Transitional Care / Avamere Nursing Home for death of a resident caused by bedsores

(June 24, 2020) Kuhlman Law, LLC, filed a lawsuit against Ohana Harmony House, Bend Transitional Care, and Avamere for causing the wrongful death of one of its residents.  The nursing home abuse case was filed in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

The resident was just 59 years-old and was living a healthy and independent life at her personal home until she broke her ankle.  The broken ankle required surgery.  The woman chose Bend Transitional Care to assist her in rehabbing the ankle for what was supposed to be just several weeks while she recuperated.

The suit alleges that Bend Transitional Care, however, failed to reposition the patient regularly and put her in a wheelchair that was too small for her body.  As such, she developed pressure ulcers (bedsores).  Over time, the bedsores became worse as they tunneled deeper into her body and became infected.  The lawsuit alleges that Bend Transitional care did not have sufficient staff to care for the patient, failed to develop an appropriate care plan to prevent bedsores, and failed to refer her to a wound care specialist as the bedsores worsened.  The resident suffered for months as the painful sores burrowed deeper, became infected, and ate further into her skin.

The woman’s medical records also appeared to have been falsified and poorly maintained as staff would make entries weeks after care was actually provided to her and claimed to have provided care for her at times when she was not even at the facility and at the hospital, instead.

What should have been a several week stay at a temporary nursing facility ended up killing the resident and devastating her family.

Pressure Ulcers are often a sign of negligence in nursing homes

A bedsore is considered a “NEVER event” by most medical professionals, meaning that it should never happen to any patient.  With proper planning, nutrition, and regular patient repositioning a bedsore should never develop.  If a bedsore does develop, the facility should prevent it from worsening and if it cannot do so, timely refer the patient out to a specialist so that the sore be properly treated and heal.

Some Oregon Nursing Homes prioritize profit over patient safety

Unfortunately, For-Profit nursing homes in Oregon frequently jeopardize their residents’ health and safety by operating with skeleton staffs.   The fewer nurses and care assistants these giant corporations employ and use on each shift, the greater the profits they can reap from each of the nursing homes they run.  By not hiring enough employees, nursing homes put their nursing assistants in a terrible situation as they don’t have sufficient time to spend with each patient and end up being forced to rush patient care or skip providing care altogether.

If you or a loved one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect and have questions call the Oregon elder abuse attorneys at Kuhlman Law.  We take cases throughout the state and help loved ones get the answers they deserve.  It is our firm’s mission to hold corporate for-profit nursing homes fully accountable so that they stop placing profits ahead of patient safety.

Is a Pressure Sore a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse?

Is a Pressure Sore a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse? bedsore lawyer in portland, oregon

Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Explains Whether a Pressure Sore is a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse

You have just been notified that your loved one in a nursing home has a pressure sore, pressure ulcer, bed sore, or some other type of ulcer or sore.  This has never happened before.  One of the first questions is whether this pressure sore is a sign of nursing home abuse or neglect in an Oregon nursing home.  This is a good question because pressure sores do not just randomly develop.  They can also be devastating and result in serious personal injuries, extreme pain and suffering, or even wrongful death due to sepsis or infection.  Victims who have a loved one diagnosed with a pressure sore need to ask our Portland nursing home abuse lawyer whether their loved one has been the victim of Oregon nursing home abuse and neglect.

This is because a pressure sore can absolutely be due to nursing home malpractice, abuse, or neglect.  It is very uncommon for a pressure sore to be caused in a nursing home or hospital where a resident is receiving the proper care and attention that he or she deserves.  This means that it is common for pressure sore cases to be due to Oregon nursing home abuse, neglect, or malpractice.

What is a Pressure Sore?

As the name implies, a pressure sore is damage to bodily tissue due to prolonged exposure to pressure, repeated friction, or continued abrasion and force against a part of the body.  The most common causes of pressure sores are the springs of a bed, chair, or wheelchair, the friction of a seat or bed cover, leather on a wheelchair, or metal posts supporting a mattress, bed, chair, or wheelchair.  Normally these surfaces do not pose a problem.  However, when an individual is exposed to them for many endless hours over multiple days, it can result in a breakdown of the tissue.

This breakdown is what causes the pressure sore and the severity of the pressure sore.  The damage includes the following:

Stage 1: Damage to the outer skin causing pain, redness, swelling, burning, and related injury

Stage 2: Damage to the inner layer resulting in bleeding, oozing, swelling, blisters, and similar damage.  An infection is likely.

Stage 3: Damage into the next layer, which is the fatty layer.  The risk of infection is much higher and symptoms include bleeding, oozing, necrotic tissue (death of tissue), and sometimes a bad odor.  This is incredibly painful.

Stage 4: Extreme pain and high risk of infection or sepsis.  This is when the pressure sore has extended into the muscle and bone layer which is even more severe and damaging.  This is typically life threatening.  It can cause catastrophic damage to tissue, including to muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, blood vessels, cartilage, and other structures.  Victims at stage 4 need immediate medical attention.

If a Pressure Sore was Diagnosed on a Loved One, Call Our Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

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