Civil Rights

Who actually pays the money awarded to the Plaintiff in a civil rights case?

Although the officer is named as an individual in the lawsuit, typically either the city, county, or state entity indemnifies (pays) the judgment against the officer and on the officer’s behalf.  Other times, cities who pay police officers or law enforcement officers purchase insurance policies for civil rights liability and the insurance company pays the award against the officer.

How much money is my police brutality civil rights case worth?

Civil rights cases are very difficult to monetize.  While some damages in a civil rights case are easy to calculate such as medical bills or lost wages, other damages such as emotional harm are difficult to put a number on.  When someone is stripped of their civil rights it is usually one of the most traumatic experiences in their lifetime.  This is often because in addition to being victimized by a police officer, the individual feels they have nowhere else to turn.  It is difficult to have to think of calling the police on the police.  As such, there can be significant emotional harm when a police officer violates a person’s civil rights.  All of this makes civil rights cases difficult to evaluate from a monetary perspective and as such, a good civil rights lawyer will likely not be able to assign a reasonable value to your case until he or she has thoroughly studied all of the facts.