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Kuhlman Law, LLC was founded to give those who feel that they have been marginalized by the actions of other the justice they deserve.

Minneapolis Civil Rights Lawyers—Police Misconduct—Discrimination

Kuhlman Law, PLLC fights to protect the constitutional and human rights of citizens of this country and Minnesota.  As a civil rights attorney, I represent clients in federal court, state court, and before local and national governmental agencies when their civil rights have been infringed or violated.

Minneapolis Police Brutality Lawyer—Police Misconduct Lawyer

Very few people would argue that being a police officer is an easy job.  While the majority of police officers and other law enforcement agents are faithful public servants who strive to protect and serve the people of Minnesota, some officers go too far in their actions and use excessive force against the citizens of this state.  When a citizen experiences police brutality they often do not know where to turn.  Some of the many questions I hear from those victimized by the police’s excessive use of force are:

  • Will anyone believe my word over a cop’s?
  • Will the police retaliate against me, if I draw attention to what they did?
  • Does this happen frequently?
  • Who can I report this too?
  • Who will pay my medical bills related to my injuries?

If you have been wrongfully arrested, illegally profiled, or excessively beaten by a police officer, you have the right to bring a civil rights claim against that officer or police agency for their actions. As a civil rights trial attorney, I have filed and settled cases on behalf of my Minnesotan clients and know how to gather the evidence needed to effectively present your case to a jury.

Minnesota Civil Rights Lawyers

One of the foundations of our society is that all of our citizens are protected from unnecessary and unjust governmental actions.  At Kuhlman Law, PLLC we have a track record of litigating and winning civil rights cases.  We do not pursue frivolous civil rights matter.  We take serious cases where a police officer or government agent clearly crossed the line and used excessive force against an individual.  Christopher Kuhlman has litigated and tried some of the most important police misconduct cases in the state of Minnesota.  Recently, he was a featured speaker at a national continuing legal education seminar for lawyers across the country interested in learning how to handle civil rights claims.

What is a Civil Rights Case?

A federal statute (42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983) was created by congress to allow individuals to bring a civil lawsuit against a state officer who used their governmental position to deprive someone of their constitutional rights.

In police misconduct or police brutality cases, this frequently occurs when a police officer violates an individual’s Fourth Amendment Right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  Excessive force committed by a police officer is considered a type of unreasonable search and seizure prohibited by the Constitution.

In the civil lawsuit, the person injured by the police officer’s use of excessive force sues to seek monetary damages to compensate them for the harm the police officer caused the individual and to vindicate their civil rights.  By pursuing a civil rights claim, the individual is also essentially holding the government to accountable for the officer’s improper behavior and to put them on notice that if it fails to properly train and supervise their police officers or officers continue to act outside of the bounds of the constitution that there will be a price to pay.  Thus, when an individual stands up for their rights they are benefiting the community as a whole.

Depending on the facts, victims of police brutality in Minnesota may be entitled to medical damages, lost wages if the officer’s conduct caused such serious harm that the citizen missed work recuperating, money to compensate the individual for the physical and emotional pain as a result of the conduct, and potetially punitive damages which is an additional monetary award to punish the police officer or the police department for its conduct.

Who actually pays the money for my injuries if I prevail in my civil rights case?

Although the police officer is named as the Defendant to the lawsuit, typically either an insurance company, or the city, county, or state that employs the police officer pays any monetary award won by the Plaintiff.

Types of Civil Rights Violations Kuhlman Law, PLLC Handles

If you feel that your rights have been violated, contact an experienced civil rights attorney immediately.  Discrimination can be difficult to prove and a knowledgeable Minnesota civil rights lawyer can help in evaluating your claim, gathering the right evidence, and pursuing your lawsuit.

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