Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries from Oregon Trucking Accidents

Oregon Trucking Accident Lawyers Share Important Information on the Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most debilitating types of personal injuries that a person could sustain from an Oregon trucking accident.  Even though the spinal cord is well-protected in hardened bone and wrapped with multiple layers of tissue, the powerful impacts of 18 wheeler collisions can damage or completely severe the spinal cord.  These debilitating personal injuries can result in permanent disability affecting a person’s daily life, including work obligations, personal time, and even basic hygiene.  Learn some of the shocking statistics and figures about spinal cord injuries from our Oregon trucking accident lawyers, including some of the crushing costs associated with spinal cord injuries.

Prevalence of Spinal Cord Injuries and Common Causes

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCSC), it is estimated that there are up to 347,000 Americans living with some form or type of spinal cord injury, or SCI.  The most common cause of SCIs are motor vehicle crashes, with 38% of all SCIs being caused to an auto accident.  Large commercial trucking accidents are included with that percentage and undoubtedly make up a large percentage.  According to these NSCSC statistics, the most common type of SCI is incomplete tetraplegia, which is also known as quadriplegia.

Types of SCIs

There are several classifications of spinal cord injuries. It is broken down into two groups.  The first group is an incomplete form which is when the spinal cord has some partial damage, but not complete damage.  This means that some signals may be transferred between the brain and the extremity(ies) below the injury SCI location.  The second group is a complete form of SCI which is when the spinal cord is completely severed and messages not transferred between the brain and the extremity(ies) below the SCI location.

The main types of SCIs include the following:

  • Incomplete tetraplegia (quadriplegia of all extremities);
  • Complete tetraplegia (quadriplegia of all extremities);
  • Incomplete paraplegia (lower extremities);
  • Complete paraplegia (lower extremities); 
  • Monoplegia (one limb only); and
  • Other less common forms.

Types of SCIs are also classified based on the location, specifically with tetraplegia or quadriplegia.  The difference is high tetraplegia, which affects almost the entire body, or low tetraplegia, which effects the four extremities but the top two extremities less.

Costs of SCI After an Oregon Trucking Accident

Besides the initial medical bills and lost wages, there are many other expensive medical bills that are caused by SCI from an Oregon trucking accident.  According to NSCSC statistics, here are the lifetime costs of the four most common types of SCIs:

  • High tetraplegia – just over $1 million the first year, and about $185,000 each year thereafter;
  • Low tetraplegia – over $770,000 the first year, and about $114,000 each year thereafter;
  • Paraplegia – almost $520,000 the first year, and almost $70,000 each year thereafter; and
  • Other motor function injuries – almost $348,000 the first year and just over $42,000 each year thereafter.

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