Employment Law

Minneapolis Employment Lawyers

Have you or a loved one experienced harassment or discrimination at work or have you been wrongfully terminated? If so, you may have questions like:

  • What will happen to me if I make a complaint about the harassment or discrimination?
  • Can my boss fire me for reporting discrimination?
  • Can my boss fire me for reporting harassment?
  • Can my boss demote me for taking time off to attend a family member’s medical needs?
  • Is what is occurring at work sexual harassment?
  • How will I pay my bills and mortgage if I lose my job?
  • If I lose my job for reporting harassment or discrimination, will I also lose my benefits?
  • My boss has told me to stop complaining and toughen up, is that okay?
  • Can I be fired if I blow the whistle on my company’s unlawful conduct?
  • My boss keeps giving younger employees promotions rather than me, is that legal?

Advocating for Justice in the Workplace

Confronting discrimination and harassment or fighting back against a wrongful termination can seem like a daunting task.  But with the right advocate in your corner, fighting for your interests, you stand a much greater chance in achieving meaningful justice and the peace of mind that comes with standing up for yourself.

My name is Christopher Kuhlman and I have represented and counseled hundreds of clients throughout Minnesota regarding their legal employment concerns.  Below are some of the types of employment cases my firm handles.