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Minnesota Excessive force claim lawyers

When police officers or law enforcement officers use excessive force against an individual, they are violating that person’s constitutional rights.  A person who has been subjected to excessive force or police brutality in Minnesota has the right to bring a lawsuit against the law enforcement officer who violated their rights and seek compensation for their injuries, emotional harm, and punitive damages to punish the officer or the police department at fault, to ensure that this type of behavior never happens again.

Types of Excessive Force

  • A police officer striking, kicking, or hitting a person who is not resisting arrest;
  • A police officer using a choke hold on a person not resisting address;
  • A police officer striking or hitting someone in handcuffs;
  • A police officer using a Taser® or stun gun on an individual who is not resisting arrest or who has already been handcuffed;
  • A police officer shooting a gun or firearm at a non-dangerous suspect;
  • A police officer using a chemical agent such as pepper spray on a compliant individual;
  • A police officer unnecessarily threatening a compliant individual;
  • A police officer sexual assaulting a person;
  • A police officer inappropriately using deadly force;
  • A police officer coercing a confession out of an individual through use of threats or physical violence;
  • A police officer conducting unlawful searches and seizures

Excessive Force by a police officer endangers the community

When a police officer uses excessive force, the results can be catastrophic as the individual could be seriously harmed, injured, or killed.  Often a person subjected to excessive force through law enforcement feels incredibly victimized and vulnerable since they naturally feel uncomfortable reporting the officer’s inappropriate conduct to the same police department that employs the officer.   Or sometimes, in an attempt to intimidate the individual subjected to police misconduct, the officer or law enforcement agency may attempt to charge the victim with a trumped up criminal charge.

Stand up for your civil rights and against excessive force

If you or a loved one has been victimized by police misconduct, you have the option to stand up against the police misconduct.  By standing up against the excessive force, you are doing two thing: refusing to be a victim and taking steps to try to ensure that the officer does not do this type of behavior again.

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