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Jail Neglect / Jail Negligence

Jail inmates have rights to fair and decent medical care

Jail neglect / jail negligence is a serious problem.  Inmates in jail or prison do not have the ability to seek out their own medical care or treatment as a result of their confinement.  As such, they are at the mercy of the jail’s or prison’s medical attention.  While most jails and prisons provide decent medical care and attempt to address an inmate’s medical needs, some jails and prisons neglect medical care.  Denying important or needed medical care to an inmate can often cause their medical condition to worsen or further harm the inmate.  Not only is this inhumane, but it is also a violation of the inmate’s civil rights under the Eighth Amendment.

Other examples of 8th Amendment violations involving jail or prison medical negligence can include:

  • Delaying medical care for an unreasonably long period of time
  • Failure to treat a serious medical condition;
  • Ignoring an inmate’s medical condition;
  • Failure to provide access to a doctor or appropriate medical personnel;
  • Housing inmates in inhumane conditions;
  • Housing inmates with other inmates with known infectious diseases;;
  • Denying access to medical care.

Minnesota Jail Negligence Lawyers

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