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Oregon Truck Accident Lawyer

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Oregon 

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Oregon, you may be entitled to compensation and want to consider seeking legal assistance. If you were in a truck accident that involved an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or delivery van, you should contact an experienced truck accident lawyer today to get the legal representation you deserve.

Whether you were physically injured, suffered mental or emotional trauma, or unjustly sued, it is likely in your best interest to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you protect your legal rights and receive the compensation you may be entitled to.

Maximum Results for Trucking Accident Victims in Oregon 

Due to their massive size, trucks can cause serious accidents that often result in severe injuries or fatalities; therefore, the accidents become legally complex and confusing. To fully understand the legal issues that go along with trucking accidents, one must hire an Oregon truck accident lawyer. 

At Kuhlman Law LLC, our team will do our best to get maximum results in your truck accident case. If you were a passenger in a car, a cyclist, a pedestrian, or another truck driver, our expert personal injury lawyers will go above and beyond to identify any violations, careless driving, and insurance issues. You will also need a truck accident attorney that will investigate the truck drivers’ safety record.

Don’t hesitate, call Kuhlman Law today to let us know how we can help you. Call our Bend, OR office at (541) 385-1999 or our Portland, OR office at (503) 755-9800.

What To Do After You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident in Oregon 

If you are the victim of a truck accident and are located in Oregon, there are some things you should know about what to do after the accident:

  • Focus on your health and recovery. Be sure to seek the appropriate medical treatment and to keep documentation and copies of all medical bills.
  • Do not talk to trucking company investigators and insurance adjusters; their goal is to gather facts about the accident that will work in the trucking company’s favor.
  • Contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. Find a lawyer that will take your case on a contingency basis and a lawyer with the legal knowledge and resources available to investigate your case. 
  • Seek the maxim compensation for your injuries. If the trucking company or the insurance carrier won’t agree to the proper financial compensation, you will need an Oregon truck accident lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against them.

How Our Experienced Oregon Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You 

At Kuhlman Law, our team of talented, Oregon-based truck accident lawyers promises to be dedicated to your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Our experienced attorneys understand both state and federal statutes that regulate the trucking industry, which will allow us to get started on your case right away. Our team is prepared to fight on your behalf, and we don’t get paid until you do. Contact Kuhlman Law today to let us know how we can begin to help you.    

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Oregon? 

Most trucking accident lawyers work on a contingency fee, meaning that they don’t get paid unless you do. With that being said, when a settlement is made, most truck accident lawyers get about 33%-40% of the final settlement as that is the standard for personal injury lawyers.

Oregon Truck Accidents We Represent 

We represent a variety of different kind of truck accidents, including those that involve:

Oregon Trucking Accident Statistics 

There are some important trucking accidents stats that you should know if you are involved in an Oregon trucking accident. These stats can be found in the latest report by the Oregon Department of Transportation in 2017.

  • There were 403 fatal trucking crashes and 28,397 non-fatal crashes.
  • 764 crashes involved cyclists
  • 974 crashes involved pedestrians
  • 927 crashes involved motorcycles
  • 2,833 crashes involved other trucks
  • The most common driver errors included: failure to avoid stopped or parked vehicle ahead, failure to yield, running off the road, driving too fast, failure to maintain lane, following too closely, and not paying attention.
  • The most common pedestrian and cyclist errors included: crossing between intersections, failure to yield, improper use of traffic lanes, disregard of the traffic signal, walking/riding on the pavement facing traffic.

Truck Accidents FAQs 

In addition to needing a knowledgeable trucking accident attorney in Oregon, it may also be worthwhile to know the answers to some frequently asked trucking accident questions.

Why Are Oregon Truck Accidents More Complex Than Typical Motor Vehicle Accidents? 

Oregon truck accident lawyers understand the complex laws, regulations, and legal processes of trucking accident cases. They also understand the reasons as to why these accidents are more complex than other vehicle accidents. Some of those reasons include:

  • The cause of the accident and any other factors may be hard to determine without an investigation into the truck, the driver, and the trucking company. These parties must meet specific standards, and if these standards are not met, they will be held liable; however, determining the cause is not easy.
  • Identifying the person who is legally responsible can be hard, and based on the accident investigation results. There may be a laundry list of parties who are at fault.
  • Settlement costs are often in the millions, and insurance companies will fight to minimize the settlement.
  • Damages, such as future medical costs and lost wages, are often extensive and involve cost recovery plans that will extend throughout the victim’s life.

What Type Of Moving Violations Cause Most Trucking Accidents in Oregon? 

In the latest report put out by Oregon’s Department of Transportation, it was made clear that most trucking accidents were caused by speeding, following too close, failure to yield, an illegal lane change, or failure to remain in the lane.  

What Typical Regulatory Violations Contribute To Causing Truck Accidents in Oregon? 

Driving Under the Influence

In Oregon, truck drivers are held to extremely high standards in regards to drugs and alcohol. Truck drivers can not drive if their blood-alcohol level is over .04% or under the influence of any drug. 

Negligent Training/Hiring

Companies are obligated to hire qualified and trained employees, as well as employees with acceptable driving licenses and records. Employers must make sure that their drivers have valid commercial licenses and are properly trained on operating such a vehicle. 

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Motor carriers must maintain the safety of their vehicles and make sure that they are inspected frequently.

Cargo Loaded the Wrong Way

Cargo must be loaded properly and be under a certain weight. If cargo is not loaded correctly, the truck can lose control, overturn, or suffer some malfunction.

Hours of Operation

Truck drivers are limited to a certain number of hours that they can drive at a time without sleep or a break. The purpose of these rules are to avoid the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

If you were a victim of a trucking accident, don’t wait any longer, call Kuhlman Law today to get the legal assistance you deserve. Call our Bend, OR office at (541) 385-1999 or our Portland, OR office at (503) 755-9800.

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