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Medical Malpractice

* Birth Injury * Undiagnosed Heart Attack * Undiagnosed Infection * Sepsis Medical Malpractice * Misdiagnosed Cancer * Failure to diagnose cancer * Delay in Diagnose of Cancer * Undiagnosed Stroke * Atrial Fibrillation Medical Malpractice (A-Fib) * Amputation Medical Malpractice * Surgical Medial Malpractice * Emergency Room Medical Malpractice * Radiology Medical Malpractice * Orthopedic Medical Malpractice * Wrongful Death due to Medical Malpractice
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Nursing Home Abuse

* Bedrail Injuries * Bedsores * Clogged Breathing Tubes * Dehydration * Malnuttion * Infection and Sepsis * Improper Tracheostomy Care * Pressure Sores * Physical Restraints on Elderly * Falls and Fractures in Nursing Homes * Nursing Home Neglect * Nursing Home Understaffing * Sexual Abuse * Physical Abuse * Wandering / Elopement * Unexplained Death
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* Unpaid Wages * Unpaid Overtime * Disability Discrimination * Workers Compensation Discrimination/Retaliation * Executive Compensation * FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act * Severance Pay * Sexual Harassment * Wrongful Termination
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Trucking Accident

* Logging Truck * Blowout Tire * Brake Failure * Big Rig * Carriage Underride * Delivery Vans * Distracted Driver * Drunk Driver * Fatigued Driver * Jackknifed Truck * Fatal Truck Accident * Hit & Run * Rear-End * Roll Over Crash
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Surgical Malpractice / Surgical Errors
Chris Kuhlman

Common Surgical Errors in Oregon

Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyers Explain Surgical Errors in Oregon Surgical medical malpractice occurs when a physician makes a mistake during the surgery, causing harm to

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oregon medical malpractice infant spinal cord injuries
Failure To Diagnose Cancer / Misdiagnosis of Cancer
Chris Kuhlman

Delay in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains a Victim’s Rights After a Delay in Lung Cancer Diagnosis Harms Him or Her Lung cancer is one of the

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