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Prisoner abuse

Prisoners and People in Jail Have Rights

Being in prison or county jail can be an overwhelming experience.  You have had your liberty taken away from you and corrections officers or deputies highly control your day to day life.  If you have been severely physically or sexually abused by a jailer, even though you are in custody, you still have rights.  Regardless of why you are being held in jail, it does not give the jailer the reason to treat you inhumanely or to abuse you without justification.

Minnesota Jail Abuse Lawyers and Civil Rights Lawyers

Recently, there have been several documented civil rights violations in Minnesota jails that have caused serious harm to those in custody.  County jails are generally not designed to house individuals for lengthy periods of time and do not have the same resources as prisons.  Most county jails in Minnesota are designed to hold individuals only for a matter of days or a few months until a trial can be held.  Depending on the size of the jail, it is not uncommon for many jails to not have a doctor or nursing personnel on staff twenty-four hours a day.  Thus, deputies can jailers can be left in charge to manage persons in mental health crisis or who are in need of medication or medical treatment.  If the jailer or sheriff is ill-equipped to handle a significant medical or mental health crisis and ignores warning signs, it can cause significant harm to the person in custody.

Since 2000, thirty-five 35 inmates of county jails have committed suicide due to lapses in are.    Often times these inmates are only being held on minor criminal charges such as drunk driving.  If you or a loved one has been abused while in a Minnesota jail, subjected to excessive force you should contact a civil rights lawyer immediately.  It is important to gather evidence immediately in these types of cases to preserve the strength of your legal claim.

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