Regency Nursing Home Sued for Elder Abuse in Oregon

The Oregon nursing home abuse attorneys at Kuhlman Law sued the for-profit corporations of Regency Hermiston Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Regency Pacific Management, and Regency Pacific, Inc. for their neglect of a resident.  Regency runs assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and long-term senior housing facilities throughout Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, and Hawaii.

The patient, here, was a former World War II veteran, purple heart recipient, high school teacher and mayor of his town.

The Complaint alleges that over a three year period of time, the corporate nursing home systematically neglected the resident.  Regency failed to bathe, shave, and cut the resident’s hair for weeks at a time.  The nursing home also allowed his toenails to become so overgrown that the resident’s large toenail twisted and grew over the second toenail.  As a former army veteran and high school teacher, the resident took care of his personal appearance and routinely washed and shaved.  Upon seeing the resident after weeks of Regency’s neglect, the resident’s family barely recognized their father as his hair was long and disheveled, a beard had grown in, he smelled poorly, and his teeth appeared to be rotting and infected.

Regency Nursing Home also allowed the resident to fall from his wheelchair five times and wander off the premises.  One of the resident’s falls was so severe that the resident fractured four teeth which eventually had to be extracted.  The Oregon nursing home facility’s medical records were so poorly kept that there was no mention of when the fall even occurred.  As such, it is suspected that the resident was likely in severe dental pain for weeks without any pain relief.

The lawsuit also alleges that the nursing home’s care was so abysmal that the resident developed a pressure ulcer (bed sore) from not being moved and lost 21% of his body weight in just ten weeks’ time due to malnourishment.

Regency Pacific Nursing home even lost the resident’s hearing aids and glasses and, as a result, the resident was not able to properly communicate for months at a time.

The Oregon Elder Rights attorneys at Kuhlman Law filed suit in Umatilla County Circuit Court seeking to hold the out-of-state, for profit corporation accountable for its abhorrent conduct and to find answers for the resident’s family as to why this occurred.

Nursing Home Neglect Continues to be a problem

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect occurs frequently with corporate for-profit nursing homes in Oregon.  Many of these companies set up shop in Oregon, willingly accept lucrative medicare and private health insurance payments from their residents, and then minimize their staff so that they can make as much profit as possible.  Putting profits ahead of resident care increases the risk of nursing home neglect.

How to File a Complaint of Nursing Home Abuse in Oregon

If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home neglect at a Regency Pacific Facility, or at any facility in Oregon, be sure to contact the Oregon Department of Human Services Nursing Facility Complaint Unit and lodge a Complaint.

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