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Severance Pay

Minneapolis Severance Pay Lawyers

In Minnesota, most non-union employees are not entitled to severance pay, unused vacation time, or sick pay unless you have an employee contract stating such or an employee policy manual that provides this unused time as part of any severance pay.

Nonetheless, sometimes, employers may still offer voluntary severance packages. Voluntary severance packages can provide employees who have been recently been laid-off or fired with needed money and benefits until they are able to find a new job. Often times, though, such severance agreements will require the employee to waive any potential legal claims against the employer in order to receive the severance benefits.

If you need assistance in reviewing your severance agreement, want assistance in negotiating a better severance package, or want to discuss possible lawsuits you may have against your employer, contact Kuhlman Law, PLLC at 612 349 2747.

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