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Kuhlman Law, LLC was founded to give those who feel that they have been marginalized by the actions of other the justice they deserve.

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Chris has tried more cases in more states and in more venues than most litigators have in their entire careers.  Before the age of 40 he obtained 2 million dollar verdicts, has changed case law at state Supreme Courts, flipped incorrect district court opinions on appeal, and is frequently named to SuperLawyers and to other preeminent lists of top high stakes litigators throughout the country.  As much as he would like to think he is a natural at trial, in actuality, he obtains victories for his clients through extensive preparation, hard work, and determination.  

If you’ve got a case, whether it be pre-suit or weeks from trial, Chris can help.  We are willing and able to help you gather the evidence you need in discovery to set it up for settlement or to hunker down with you and your client and try it with you.      

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