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Breach of Employment Contract

In Minnesota, the vast number of employees are categorized as at-will employees which means that they can resign at any point. Conversely, an at-will employee can be terminated by their employer at any point without just cause provided the reason for the termination is not because of discrimination or an act of retaliation against a whistleblower or someone who reported discrimination. Some employees, however, have contracts with their employers and thus have contractual rights that their employer must abide by. Employees with contractual rights cannot be terminated if it violates the terms of their contract. If you have an employment contract and your employer breached, broke, or failed to abide to the terms of your contract, you should speak to an experienced employment lawyer to help you determine what remedies you can pursue against your employer. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be entitled to lost pay and other damages.  Breach of employment contract lawyers can help get that.

Failure to pay Earned Commission or Stolen Commission

In certain professions, an employee may receive the bulk of their compensation from their employer in the form of commission or sales bonuses. Some unscrupulous employers terminate employees when they are on the brink of receiving a very large commission so that the employer can retain the commission itself and not pay the employee their earned compensation. If your employer has terminated you just before you were due a large commission, did not pay you a commission as the terms of your commission compensation outline required, or has failed to pay you your proper commission, contact an experienced employment lawyer to learn more about your rights and see if it is possible to recovery the improperly withheld commission or stolen commission.

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