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Electronic Control Devices (ECD)s are now commonly issued to most police officers and are used with increasing frequency.  While tasers can be used as an alternative to a firearm, they can still be dangerous.  In fact, citizens have been severely injured and have even died after being subjected to ECD cycles.  TASER is the brand name for the most frequently used ECD by law enforcement.

Further, studies have shown that under certain circumstances tasers can be counterproductive in subduing individuals because the person being subjected to the taser cycle is experiencing so much pain that they cannot either hear or focus on the officer’s commands or the taser has incapacitated the individual to such an extent that they are physically unable to comply with the police officer’s instructions.

Tasers function in two different modes.  When the taser’s electrode projectile darts are shot into an individual, the electrical current can cause neuromuscular incapacitation.  Other times, the taser can simply be pressed and held against an individual’s skin in what is known as “drive stun” mode.  The drive stun mode is primarily a pain compliance technique.

The belief that tasers offer a safe and non-deadly law enforcement tool has lead some police officers to use them on non-resisting or unarmed suspects, children, and the elderly

Minnesota Civil Rights Lawyers Standing up for you

If you have been the victim of excessive force by the police or suffered injuries after being wrongfully tasered, your civil rights may have been violated.   Kuhlman Law has aggressively litigated claims on behalf of Minnesotans who have been unnecessarily and wrongfully tasered by police or who have been the victims of police misconduct and police brutality.  We have even brought claims on behalf of an individual who died after being subjected to multiple taser cycles.

Minneapolis Minnesota Taser Abuse Attorneys

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