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Jail Suicide

Jail Suicides in Minnesota

When someone is arrested and placed in jail, it can be a difficult experience and be accompanied by a wide range of emotions such as: fear, depression, and hopelessness. Most Minnesota jails are not designed for long term inmate care as they are primarily where individuals are temporarily held for bail hearings or awaiting trial. As such, many facilities can be ill equipped to treat and monitor those who are mentally ill, are experiencing a mental health crisis, or in need of immediate attention. Lack of adequate care and supervision has tragically led to many jail suicides in Minnesota and throughout the country. Sometimes individuals in need of mental health treatment who commit suicide in jail are being held for relatively minor and non-violent crimes such as disorderly conduct or first time DWIs.

Jail Suicide Lawyers – Minnesota Jail Negligence Lawyers

If a family member or loved one’s suicide has been the result of jail staff negligence or neglect, you should contact a civil rights lawyer immediately to discuss your options and to assist you in gathering all of the pertinent evidence so you know exactly what happened. Deputies and other jail staff are responsible for the well-being of inmates while in jail and cannot ignore warning signs of inmates who are showing severe signs of depression or distress. If a loved one or family member has caused significant self-harm or committed suicide while in custody of a Minnesota jail due to the deliberate indifference of the jail staff or jail medical facility, you have the right to hold the officials responsible for their conduct.

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