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Oregon Brake Failure Accident Lawyers - Bend/Portland, OR

One of the most important components of any motor vehicle is the braking system.  This is because being able to stop and stop effectively is just as important as being able to go or turn.  This is particularly true on curvy roads or downhill areas, especially if on fact moving highways or interstates.  When brakes do not work they put the truck driver and everyone else on or around the roadway in serious danger.  Fortunately, most braking systems can be managed with routine maintenance and care.  But sadly, many truck drivers and trucking companies cut corners and fail to properly inspect and maintain their vehicles.  As a result, serious trucking accidents could occur which result in devastating and life-threatening injuries, including wrongful death.  Victims of any 18 wheeler wreck should contact our Oregon brake failure accident lawyers to learn what rights to compensation they may have.

Understanding Braking Systems: Explained by Our Brake Failure Lawyers

Large commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles have completely differently braking systems.  This is understandable considering that 18 wheelers are considerably heavier and larger, which therefore require greater force and distance to stop.

In smaller passenger vehicles, the braking systems are typically hydraulic braking.  In a hydraulic braking system, when the brake pedal is pressed it sends pressurized hydraulic fluid, or brake fluid, against hydraulic pistons on the vehicles wheels.  The pistons generate pressure on the brake pads which create friction to stop the wheel.  The harder the brake pedal is pressed, the harder the brake pads are pressed against the wheel.

Commercial vehicles are segmented which makes hydraulic brakes virtually impossible.  This is why air brakes are used on commercial vehicles which can easily be connected between the cabin truck, tractor, and other double trailers.  Air brakes use an air line that, when the pedal is pressed down, the air pressure pushes out rods which which put pressure on the braking drum.  The braking drum slow and stops the truck.  

Causes of Braking Failures Due to Oregon Trucking Negligence

Our brake failure lawyers know there are many possible reasons and causes why braking failures could result in personal injuries or the wrongful death of an innocent person.  Many of the common causes are just like other vehicles, such as distracted driving or poor maintenance.  But there are some very specific and unique causes for braking failure with large commercial vehicles.  Some of the most common reasons include the following:

  • Improperly installing the air brake system;
  • Overusing or improperly using the air brakes, which needs to be pulsed to allow the air to refill and therefore “riding the brakes” will cause serious malfunctions;
  • Forgetting or neglecting to properly connect the air brake system;
  • Defective air brakes;
  • Failing to inspect or replace the brake drums;
  • Excessive weight on the truck due to overloading;
  • Failing to replace defective parts or worn parts; 
  • Not testing the system for leaky or worn air lines; and
  • Other egregious causes.

Liability in Oregon Braking Failure Trucking Accidents

When a semi tractor trailer or other big rig causes an Oregon trucking accident due to a braking failure, there are several different ways that injured victims may establish liability.  Under Oregon law, all motorists and owners of motor vehicles are required to inspect their vehicles for defects.  All motorists and owners are also required to keep their vehicle in good working order, which includes brakes.  When a motorist or the vehicle owner fail to do this, it could result in a very serious or deadly motor vehicle accident which they may be automatically liable for under the doctrine of negligence per se.

In addition to Oregon law, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has enacted specific regulations relating to commercial vehicle equipment.  Brakes are required to be in proper working order and safe from leaks, damage, or worn materials.  Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to inspect their vehicles before beginning a delivery and during rest brakes.  When a tractor trailer’s brakes fail and that causes serious personal injuries, victims may be able to demonstrate that the violation of the FMCSA regulations are evidence of negligence against the truck driver and trucking company.  This can help prove liability to allow a victim to recover.

Bend/Portland, Oregon Braking Failure Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a trucking accident or collision contact the Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers at Kuhlman Law at our number below or fill out the intake form.  We offer a free initial case evaluation and handle cases on a contingency fee which means that you pay no money unless we recover.  

We handle cases throughout the state including Bend and Portland Oregon, Redmond, Central Oregon, Multnomah County, Deschutes County, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Lane County, Medford, Gresham, Albany, Medford, Beaverton, Umatilla, Pendleton, and Hillsboro.  

We also have an office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and take Trucking accident cases throughout the Twin Cities, including St. Paul, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Washington County, Anoka County, Scott County, Blaine, Stillwater, and Saint Paul Minnesota.  

Please act quickly, there is a limited time (Statute of Limitations) in which you can bring a claim under the law. 

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