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Police shootings

Minnesota Police Shootings Lawyers / Minnesota Police Misconduct Lawyers

Tragically, when police officers make a mistake or use more force than necessary, it can result in innocent people, bystanders, or others being seriously injured or killed.  Police officers, just like citizens, also have to follow the law and cannot use more force than is reasonably necessary to detain an individual.  Kuhlman Law handles police shooting cases in Minneapolis and throughout the state of Minnesota.  If you or a loved one has been the victim of a police shooting call us immediately.  It is important to act quickly when the police have improperly used deadly force so that evidence can be preserved and statements taken from witnesses.

If a police officer has improperly discharged his firearm at a citizen without reasonable grounds to do so, a civil rights claim may be brought against the officer and the police department to hold them accountable.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and future medical treatment, the pain and suffering of being shot, the emotional harm of being shot and living with serious injuries, and loss of income or compensation if the individual shot is no longer able to work due to the seriousness of their injuries or their wrongful death.

Our law firm handles police shootings and police misconduct cases and represents Minnesota citizens who have been wrongfully killed by the police or shot by the police.  If you have questions about your civil rights and wish to talk to an experienced Minnesota civil rights and excessive force lawyer, call us today for a free initial consultation at (612) 349-2747   

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