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Oregon TBIs From Trucking Accidents Lawyers - Bend/Portland, OR

Head injuries can be one of the most severe and devastating types of personal injuries after an Oregon trucking accident.  This is particularly true of traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, which commonly result in significant disabilities, long-term complications, and often permanent damage and disability to a victim.  There are many different types of TBIs which could be caused by a motor vehicle accident, but because of the large size and heavy weight of big rigs and 18 wheelers, trucking accidents commonly result in the worst types of TBIs with the most severe disabilities.  Our Oregon TBIs from trucking accidents lawyers explain some of these catastrophic traumatic brain injuries and how we can help protect your rights.

What is a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an acute or trauma-related injury to the brain.  Generally, there are two types of TBIs.  The first type of TBI is from physical trauma such as penetrating injuries to the head and brain, debris injuries, physical damage or tearing to the brain, lacerations, or other physical damage.  The second type of TBI is a closed-head injury, which is when the brain has sustained an acute injury but the skull has not been penetrated.  This commonly occurs in high-impact collisions where the brain may bounce back-and-forth or be violently shaken inside of the head.

Types of TBIs

There are many different types of TBIs that could be caused by an Oregon trucking accident.  The most common types of TBIs due to big rig, logging truck, and other tractor trailer or 18 wheeler wrecks include the following:

  • Concussions – this is the most well-known type of TBI and, while some concussions may be minor and not result in significant injury, many concussions caused by trucking accidents are rather significant and devastating due to the large size of the commercial vehicle.  Concussions can cause permanent and disabling headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, memory problems, and many other types of complications.  All concussions should be evaluated and may be more serious than they appear.
  • Coup-Contrcoup injuries – because the brain sits in the skull and is suspended in fluid, the brain can slide back-and-forth if there has been a significant impact like in a high-speed whiplash crash.  This type of TBI is when the brain slides forward, impacts the skull, and sustains an injury, and then whips backwards and impacts the other end of the skull and sustains an opposite side injury.  This type of TBI is very dangerous because it can result in bleeding on two ends of the brain which can quickly cause catastrophic damage to the brain due to the rapidly increasing pressure in the skull from the extra fluid (blood).  In addition to the bleeding, the fact that the brain has sustained injury on both sides of it can also result in catastrophic damage.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries – this type of TBI is when the brain is tore from the violent impact of a trucking accident.  The brain tissue itself can be whipped and sustain injuries from the impact.  This impact causes the tears in brain structure which can result in permanent and significant disability, especially problems with motor movement, memory, language, and other cognitive function.
  • Brain Contusions – like other types of bruises that you may sustain on the rest of your body, brain contusions are bruises on the brain from an acute injury.  The injury could be from an impact to the head or from a concussion, coup-contrcoup injury, or similar impact injury.  Brain contusions can result in permanent damage or lesions on the area of the brain which is damaged.  Brain contusions can also be a deadly type of TBI because they can increase intra-cranial pressure due to swelling and bleeding, which can result in permanent and life-threatening complications.

Bend/Portland, Oregon TBIs from Trucking Accidents Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a trucking accident or collision contact the Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers at Kuhlman Law at our number below or fill out the intake form.  We offer a free initial case evaluation and handle cases on a contingency fee which means that you pay no money unless we recover.  

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