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Oregon Roll Over Crash Lawyers - Bend/Portland, OR

A truck roll over crash is a frightening type of Oregon trucking accident.  This is when the truck, either the cabin, the trailer, to both parts, flip over and start barreling rolling.  When this happens the truck and its trailer become a massive rolling pin crushing whatever it comes across.  Smaller passenger vehicles that are rolled over by a tractor trailer will endure extensive damage.  Victims trapped in those cars may suffer catastrophic injuries, including crushing injuries, amputations, and head injuries.  This is troubling because most truck roll over creates are caused by preventable negligence by a truck driver or trucking company.  If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or a loved one has been wrongfully killed in a roll over crash, please call our Oregon roll over crash lawyers to learn what your rights to compensation may be and how we can protect them.

One of the most important rights it the right to damages for your injuries.  In a personal injury action such as a trucking accident, damages are typically awarded in the form of money.  This is important in a catastrophic trucking accident because victims are faced with high medical bills and lower income from being unable to work.  Compensation for roll over crashes in Oregon trucking accidents possibly include the following:

  • Medical bills;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost future earnings if you need to take a lower paying job due to your injuries preventing you from returning to your last job;
  • Pain and suffering, both past and future;
  • Future medical expenses, such as surgeries, medications, occupational/physical therapy, and treatment;
  • Equipment costs, such as ambulatory devices, home or vehicle modifications, prosthetic limbs; 
  • Loss of consortium from spouses and dependents, including before unable to be with family, loss of affection, and other claims; and
  • Other damages related to the trucking accident.

Causes of Roll Over Trucking Accidents

A roll over trucking accident is a spectacle.  Partially because of the dynamic form of this accident, partially because they simply do not happen often.  This is because roll over trucking accidents are rare and generally will not occur if the truck driver was exercised the proper skill and care necessary in operating a large commercial vehicle.  However, we know that roll over trucking accidents occur all too often and innocent people are routinely injured or wrongfully killed.

There are many reasons why roll over trucking accident occur, which some of the most common causes include the following:

  • Hard turns while traveling too fast;
  • Speeding;
  • Braking hard on turns;
  • Improper stacking of cargo on truck;
  • Failing to operate a truck properly in the weather conditions such as high wind or heavy rain or snow;
  • Jackknifing;
  • Improper lane changes;
  • Swerving;
  • Center line violations;
  • Blown out tires;
  • Mechanical failures; 
  • Distracted driving;
  • Drunk driving or drugged driving; and 
  • Many other causes.

Proving Liability in an Oregon Roll Over Trucking Accident

Generally, roll over accidents due to not occur in the absence of negligence.  This means that a truck driver whom is exercising reasonable care under the circumstances in the use and operation of his or her commercial vehicle will generally not roll over.  However, when a truck driver is acting recklessly, carelessly, or downright negligently, the chances for a roll over trucking accident increase.

Victims injured in a roll over trucking accident will have to prove a negligence cause of action.  If the truck driver was speeding, making improper turns, or had a tire blowout that the driver knew could happen or should have know it could happen, a victim may be able to prove negligence through the violation of Oregon law.  This is because the statutory violation of a vehicle and traffic law is a way for victims to prove liability against a person who caused harm that the statute wanted to protect.  Thus if the statute was violated and the harm caused, Oregon law may automatically hold the violator negligent.

In addition, victims may also be able to establish that the truck driver was negligent under the common law, or judge-made, body of law.  This uses a reasonableness standard and holds that truck drivers accountable when they are driving unreasonably, unsafely, or in a reckless, careless, or dangerous manner.

Bend/Portland, Oregon Roll Over Trucking Accident Lawyers 

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a trucking accident or collision contact the Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers at Kuhlman Law at our number below or fill out the intake form.  We offer a free initial case evaluation and handle cases on a contingency fee which means that you pay no money unless we recover.  

We handle cases throughout the state including Bend and Portland Oregon, Redmond, Central Oregon, Multnomah County, Deschutes County, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Lane County, Medford, Gresham, Albany, Medford, Beaverton, Umatilla, Pendleton, and Hillsboro.  

We also have an office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and take Trucking accident cases throughout the Twin Cities, including St. Paul, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Washington County, Anoka County, Scott County, Blaine, Stillwater, and Saint Paul Minnesota.  

Please act quickly, there is a limited time (Statute of Limitations) in which you can bring a claim under the law. 

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