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HIPAA violations can be one of the most egregious invasions of one's privacy. Our attorneys are prepared to help you hold healthcare providers responsible if your medical information has been improperly disclosed to a third party without your permission.

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Most people consider their medical records, mental health records, and health care conditions incredibly private matters and would be very upset if their sensitive medical conditions or medical records were disclosed to others or the public without their consent.  Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (also known as “HIPAA”) in part to provide privacy protections to patients’ health care records.

Minnesota has enacted its own health care records privacy law entitled Minnesota Health Records Act.  This Minnesota state law provides additional privacy protections to Minnesotans’ health care records and makes it illegal for health care providers and doctors to disclose sensitive medical records or information concerning a patient’s medical condition to third parties without the patient’s consent.  In fact, a patient can bring a lawsuit against a health care provider under the act if the health care provider negligently or intentionally releases sensitive medical records or discloses a patient’s medical condition without the patient’s permission.

Examples of Potential Minnesota Health Records Act violations:

  • a health care provider releases your medical records or health care records to a third party that you did not authorize disclosure of these records to;
  • a health care provider discusses your medical condition or treatment to a third party without your authorization;
  • a health care facility such as a hospital or a clinic releases your medical records to an unauthorized third party;

What should I do, if I think that someone has wrongfully accessed my Minnesota Health Care Records

It is natural to feel anxious, scared, upset, or angry if you learn that your medical records or health care information has been disclosed to someone without your consent.

If you believe that your medical records or sensitive information pertaining to your medical condition or treatment has been improperly disclosed by your doctor, hospital, health care facility, provider, or practitioner, you should contact a Minnesota Health Care Privacy Attorney to discuss your concerns and learn more about your rights.

A Minnesota Health Care Records lawyer can guide you through your options and determine whether you should consider bringing a claim or lawsuit against the entity or individual(s) who breached your privacy.  If your provider or health care facility violated the Minnesota Health Care Record Act, you could be entitled to monetary damages to compensate you for the harm caused by the disclosure.

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