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Police misconduct

Police misconduct in Minnesota

While most police officers and law enforcement officials perform their job professionally and within the bounds of the constitutions, sometimes officers get out of hand and clearly violate an individual’s civil rights.  Depending on the severity of the violation, a police officer who engages in misconduct and disregards the constitution can violate a party’s civil rights.   What constitutes police misconduct in Minnesota?

Police Misconduct can include:

  • Wrongful searches and seizures;
  • Unlawful arrest;
  • Excessive force;
  • Improper use of a police dog or a k-9;
  • Failure to provide medical care;
  • Improper, illegal, or excessive use of a Taser ® or Controlled Electronic Device;
  • Police Brutality;
  • Abusing someone in jail or who has already been detained;
  • Abusing someone in handcuffs;
  • Racial profiling;
  • Shooting an unarmed person who does not pose the officer any harm; and
  • Use of deadly force in improper situations.

We stand up for victims of Police Misconduct and Excessive Force

Kuhlman Law, PLLC is a Minnesota law firm that has handled many civil rights cases against police officers and other law enforcement officials and has achieved excellent results for their client.   People who have been the victims of police misconduct often question whether:

  • A jury would believe their word over a police officers;
  • Whether they will be retaliated against for bringing an excessive force claim against the police officer; and
  • How bringing a civil rights claim for police misconduct could affect their underlying criminal case.

We have advocated for our clients’ civil rights and have answered many of these questions during our representation.   We offer a free consultation to help you understand your civil rights and to see if our law firm can assist you.  We handle many types of police brutality and abuse cases including: choke holds, use of batons, police use of fists, kicking; body slamming; unnecessary use of tasers, electronic control devices; unnecessary use of pepper spray, wrongful use of deadly force including police officer shootings and wrongful death claims linked to police brutality.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of police misconduct, call our law firm immediately, it is important to document and preserve evidence of the abuse and depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional harm, and lost income.  For an initial and free consultation, call Civil Rights Lawyer Christopher Kuhlman at Kuhlman Law (612) 349-2747.

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