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Liability Explained by our Portland Trucking Accident Lawyer: Know Trucking Company Liability for Unrealistic Delivery Schedules 

Very few if any truck drivers work for themselves.  Most truck drivers work for companies.  Some of these companies are the largest companies in the United States.  Other companies may be smaller.  But whether it is a big company or little company, all companies must have high insurance limits in case of a personal injury accident involving one of their commercial vehicles.  This makes especially trucking company liability an important issue in an Oregon 18 wheeler wreck.  There are many ways that this could be established.  One of the most difficult ways is through hours of service violations and unrealistic delivery schedules caused by the trucking company itself.  Our Portland trucking accident lawyer explains trucking company liability for unrealistic delivery schedules and how companies may be required to pay victims for their losses.

The first important aspect to realize is that trucking company liability for a truck driver’s action is not unique.  Under English common law, which United States law is based off of, there has always been a doctrine of master-servant liability.  That is, when an employee caused personal injuries or damages while within the scope of his or her employment, the employer will be liable.  This is a part of agency law where the company would be liable for the employee’s actions.  It is a for of vicarious liability, a doctrine that imputes the actions of one person or another.  But more specifically with employer-employee relationships, it is known as respondeat superior.

Hours of Service Under the FMCSA

The hours of service regulations are those promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  These regulations set limits on how much and how often a truck driver may operate a motor vehicle.  This includes creating a 24-hour shift clock with 14 hours on call and 10 hours off duty, a maximum of 11 hours driving, and no more than 8 hours of straight driving.  This includes truckers in Oregon.  A violation of the hours of service regulation could result in liability against a truck driver and trucking company.

Purpose of FMCSA Regulations

The purpose of the FMCSA regulations is to keep fatigued or tired truck drivers off the road.  This is because fatigue can be dangerous, especially for truck drivers who work long hours to make more deliveries.  In fact, some truck drivers may load up on caffeine and even illegal trucks like cocaine just to stay awake so they can drive longer.  The FMCSA regulations help to prevent truck drivers from forcing themselves to stay awake to deliver cargo.  This helps to prevent serious or fatal Portland trucking accidents.

Trucking Companies Cannot Require Violations of the HOS With Unrealistic Delivery Schedules 

A trucking company is prohibited from creating an unrealistic delivery schedule that would otherwise violate HOS rules and regulations.  This is prohibited under section 395.3 of the FMCSA regulations, which provided under subdivision (b) that “[n]o motor carrier shall permit or require a driver of a property-carrying commercial motor vehicle to drive . . . for any period” that violates the hours of service regulations.

If a trucking companies does require a truck driver to do that and the truck driver causes a serious Oregon trucking accident resulting in catastrophic personal injuries, the truck driver and trucking company may be liable for the crash and the trucking company may also have separate liability for creating an unrealistic delivery schedule.  This allows victims two avenues for proving liability.

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