5 Important Steps to Take If Your Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

As a parent, there is little more devastating than finding out your child has suffered a brain injury. You’re experiencing various emotions – sadness, anger, blame, guilt. You feel helpless. What will you do, and who can you turn to? The Oregon birth injury lawyers at Kuhlman Law are here to offer some important guidance. 

When Your Trust is Misplaced

You trusted your medical team to provide the best of care throughout your pregnancy and the birth process, and now you aren’t sure what to think. Could the injury have been prevented? If so, can you hold this person or persons accountable?

Bottom line: after a birth injury, your child will need help, whether it be temporary or long-term. And this help can be expensive. If you suspect negligence was involved, you may want to consider opening a birth injury case with help from our Oregon birth injury lawyers.

1. Seek Immediate Specialized Medical Attention

As a parent, your most urgent step will be to ensure that your child receives immediate and appropriate medical care. At this early stage, a proper diagnosis and intervention is critical. The earlier a birth injury is addressed and treated, the better your child’s prognosis will be. Your doctor should discuss your expectations and the various treatment options available. In addition, they can help you connect with specialists who can provide the best treatment possible for your child. 

2. Consult with Specialists

Get guidance from those who deal primarily with birth injuries. These specialists can give you the best insight into your child’s condition, prognosis, and potential care needs. Don’t hesitate to get second and even third opinions. You’re collecting essential information critical to your child’s future welfare. Find people you can trust and rely on.

3. Educate Yourself About Birth Injuries and Their Treatment

Do as much research as possible on your child’s injury, understanding what level of damage you are dealing with and what types of treatments and interventions are available to you. These can include

  • Medication 
  • Surgery 
  • Adaptive equipment 
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

Because there are many different types of birth injuries and levels of injury, your child will need a customized treatment plan designed specifically for their symptoms and challenges.

4. Get Support

Don’t try to face this time alone. Fortunately, national organizations, local networks, and virtual support groups can bring families dealing with similar challenges together, providing essential emotional support and practical advice. Research and compile a list of therapeutic and educational services to ensure you use all available resources to help your child reach their full potential.

5. Document Everything

You’re feeling overwhelmed right now, so you can’t always rely on your memory. Document everything. Request copies of all your medical records during your pregnancy through your child’s birth and any subsequent care. Make notes of anything you remember that may have felt off at the time but may now seem significant in retrospect. Keep detailed records of everything – any medical diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and copies of all your expenses and costs related to your child’s care. Every bit of this might be vital if you decide to pursue a birth injury lawsuit against a member of your medical team or the care facility.

Speak With an Experienced Oregon Birth Injury Lawyer 

Not all birth injuries are caused by medical negligence. Some are just heartbreaking accidents. Regardless, your child’s care is your priority, which can be expensive. If your child’s injury was caused by a negligent medical practitioner, a birth injury lawsuit can help offset the expense of getting the best care possible for your child and hold that individual accountable. 

If your child has suffered a birth injury and you think it may have been the result of negligence, let the Experienced Oregon birth injury lawyers at Kuhlman Law help. Call us for a free consultation at (503) 479-3646 to schedule a no-cost consultation, or contact us through our online contact form.




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