Why Poor Hygiene in a Nursing Home is a Warning Sign: Bend/Portland Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Our Bend/Portland, Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Issues a Stern Warning: Get Out if Poor Hygiene is Seen at a Nursing Home!

One of the main reasons most families have to put a loved one in a nursing home is because it is becoming too difficult to care for a loved one.  This is usually regarding medical and care needs such as good hygiene which is very important, especially with elderly, frail, and compromised individuals.  In fact, even young children know that good hygiene is an important part of being healthy.  This is particularly true if we have a cut or wound that we must keep clean and free from injury.  But far too many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers fail to keep their residents in good hygiene.  This leads to other health issues, including serious diseases and wound infections which could become fatal.  But even putting aside the issue of how poor hygiene at nursing homes can cause damage by itself, our Bend/Portland Oregon nursing home abuse lawyers know that poor hygiene at a nursing home is usually a sign of worse problems that can be even more dangerous.  Learn about why poor hygiene at a nursing home is a massive red flag and warning sign to get out or hire a lawyer for help.

Why Poor Hygiene is Dangerous if Not Deadly in an Oregon Nursing Home

It should be without saying that poor hygiene is dangerous.  But when residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities have poor hygiene, it can be deadly.  This is because many residents have compromised immune systems.  This could be because of other conditions they are battling, or because residents are healing or recovering from other surgeries, ailments, or health issues.  When a resident’s hygiene is poorly kept, it slows bacteria, viruses, and other conditions to wear down the body.  This makes residents more susceptible to serious disease, including infections and sepsis.

If a resident’s hygiene is poorly maintained by a nursing home, sepsis could be a life-threatening issue.  Sepsis is the body’s massive immune system response to an infection.  While this is an effective way of killing the infection, it is also very caustic and damaging to a person.  Elderly individuals may not be strong enough to fight off sepsis.

In addition, the spread of other conditions like colds, the flu, viruses, respiratory illnesses, and other damaging conditions may run rampant in nursing homes that have poor hygienic practices.  This is because, not only do residents suffer directly from poorer hygiene on their person, but the entire facility may become dirty and infected with bacteria which can make it more likely for residents to get sick.

Liability for Unhygienic Conditions in Oregon Nursing Homes

When nursing home residents suffer injuries from poor hygiene in nursing homes, the responsibility always falls on the nursing home and its staff.  This is because most people put loved ones in nursing homes to help care for them, including routine, daily hygiene.  So when residents do not get that care and treatment that they need to preserve their health, that could be Oregon nursing home abuse and neglect, including nursing home malpractice.  

Therefore, liability is determined by assessing whether the nursing home and its caregivers, nurses, staff, and other professionals met the standard of care which a reasonably prudent and competent nursing home would have rendered in similar circumstances.  This means that the conduct of the defendant nursing home is compared to what normal nursing homes could do.  If it is found that a reasonable and competent nursing home could have given different care which would not have resulted in injuries due to poor hygiene, that defendant nursing home may be liable for negligence.

Poor Hygiene at Oregon Nursing Homes is a Warning Flag: Ask our Bend/Portland Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for Help

Unhygienic conditions are nursing homes are a red flag.  Residents and their family should be wary that poor hygiene of other residents and the facility usually translates into bigger problems at a nursing home.  This usually means inadequate staffing or poor staffing, as well as just poor policies, lack of oversight, and bad providers.  Make no mistake, poor hygiene at nursing homes can be disastrous and lead to deadly complications.  

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